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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Travel plans for 2013

Some excitement here in Vauban Towers. Travel plans for 2013 will be made around the Ashes tour, for anyone not a cricket follower, the England v Australia test match series is the major cricket event. Over the last five years, I have taken an annual trip with Holts Tours; mighty fine trips they have been. A couple of days ago I was looking at a rival company's website, Battle Honours, and spotted that for October 2013 the company is planning to a trip to the Vosges in North East France. This is an area I have wanted to visit for some time, since reading "Forgotten Battlefronts" by Martin Marix Evans.

Whilst thinking about cricket, congratulations to Alistair Cook for his 20th Test Match century. This is a great milestone in a player's career. The current highest number is Hammond's twenty seven over a full career. Cook is only 27 years old, so he should create a new record for English cricket.

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