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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Visiting Jersey : the books

Before I post the next lot of photos, I thought I would show the books I am using.

First, this slender volume that I bought at an antiques fair some years ago for £2.50 (2.5 pounds sterling) on the off-chance that I may go to Jersey one day. This is the book I took with me to help me plan our visits and very useful it is. Published in 1975. I think the authors were members of the Channel Islands Occupation Society.
 This Osprey Fortification Series book I purchased on my return. Very good at explaining the German strategy for holding the Channel Islands.

This book I have owned since publication in 2006 by Histoire et Collections of Paris. Part of a very useful series of books on the French Army, very similar to Osprey books, but crammed full of photographs.

This is my photo of the 155mm cannon used for the cover of the Osprey book.

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