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Friday, 30 September 2016

Visiting Jersey : Batterie Moltke

We left Corbiere and drove along the west coast road towards the North-West of the island, stopping off half-way for a second breakfast. We drove to Batterie Moltke, close to L'Etacq.

The battery consisted of four captured French cannons in open emplacements. Originally these were to be temporary but their replacements did not arrive so these captured guns remained. One has been restored. The French nomenclature for the cannons was Canon de 155 GPF (Modéle 1917 Filloux) (GPF - grande puissance Filloux), in German 15.5 cm K 418 (f).

An observation post, close to the emplacements

Another emplacement is used to house two large cannon barrels that have been recovered. At the front is a German 21 cm Mrs 18. At the back is a French 22 cm K 532 (f) (Canon de 220 L Modéle 1917 Schneider)

A concrete sentry box

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  1. THe more I read these posts the more I'm convinced that I must go back to Jersey. Really loved the place then and obviously missed so much.