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Monday, 26 September 2016

Visiting Jersey : Strongpoint Corbiere

Day 2 of our trip and we hired a Smart car (never again) to see the West coast of Jersey. The road that runs alongside the sea is called Five Mile Road. The coastal beach is very open and the Germans decided this would be the main point of landing for an Allied invasion force, so they built a lot of defences and strongpoints here.

We started the day at Corbiere, in the South West. At the top of the cliff, the Germans built one of their observation towers. Full title - Marinepeilstanden und Messtellungen (naval direction finding and signalling positions). This one is MP2 Corbiere. Inside, they were built in the form of a spiral.
MP2  is now used to house high frequency radio equipment.

Looking from MP2 along the headland to the strongpoint

Works are numbered 1 to 14 on this guide

Point 1, a searchlight bunker

The side of 1, the Germans have used the rocks to protect the rear of the bunker

Point 3, an automatic fortress mortar bunker (artist unknown)

From Point 3, in the centre is Point 5, a 105mm cannon bunker

Point 4, a heavy maching gun bunker with a Tobruk stand

From Point 4, looking down at Points 1 and 3

Looking across the inlet to the next headland with another German bunker 

From Point 4, looking back towards the observation tower, MP2

Whilst I was walking around looking at the works and taking photographs, B sat in the car, patiently waiting...

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