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Monday, 30 May 2016

Films old and new

The arm repair continues. This means I can continue with the film watching, although I am restricting this to one film per day.

In the past week I have seen three wonderful historically based films, each of which I love and each of which is very long. "Barry Lyndon", "Ben Hur" and "Gone With The Wind". I have not seen them in some years, GWTW for maybe thirty. My enforced idleness has its positive outcomes.

I am also continuing with my Oscars Nominations List, from the Best Actress category. I can recommend all of these films.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Something to say

My thanks for the get-well messages. I am still typing with one hand / one finger but my right arm is improving.

I spent the last week at B's house in Windsor where her family was gathering to attend the Royal Windsor Horse Show. I was not to be trusted in our home in Yorkshire, on my own with a broken arm, who knows what I could have got up to. This also meant I had to forgo my trip to see Menno van Coehorn forts in Holland, this will have to wait until next May.

The enforced rest gave me an excuse (as though I need one) to watch old films on daytime TV. "Towering Inferno" I have not seen for thirty years. I did enjoy it. It has a great cast of actors.

Paul Newman is the World's Greatest Architect who also has a rebellious streak and to demonstrate this he turns up at his office for a meeting, dressed in an orange grandad vest and a safari suit. Marvellous. What panache.

My favourite character is Fred Astaire's The Conman. He meets The Widow played by Jennifer Jones, to whom he intends to sell some fake shares but they fall in love, she knows what he is doing but she wants to look after him, but fate intervenes, she falls out of a lift and dies. Fred Astaire is left holding her cat. Aawww. I wonder if the cat inherits the widow's fortune.....

Monday, 9 May 2016

Not much to say

Sorry chaps, I don't have much to say at the moment as I tripped in the garden and fractured the neck of my right humerus, giving me great difficulties in using or not using my right arm.

Normal service will be resumed shortly.