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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Salute 2017 Review

First - my congratulations to South London Warlords for a great show, very well organised, a very nice day out for this Northerner.

A good start to the day - the Grand Central service from York departed on time and arrived in London on time. From there it was London Underground and Docklands Light Railway to ExCel Centre for the show. I arrived at 11:15 so I missed the initial rush - which was good - and the free figure given to the first 5000 entrants.

When I got into the hall, the first thing that struck me was it seemed to be less crowded; in fact throughout the visit I felt there was more room but whether that was fewer punters, fewer traders or fewer games I cannot say; probably a mix of all three. Anyway, being less crowded was a positive for me.

These are my purchases.

Steve Barber Models - Turkish Levy infantry and a Captain

Minifigs sample blister packs

28mm Ottoman flags from The Flag Dude

Artillery sized bases
I was very pleased to find the Steve Barber Models. I had seen the figures in their on line catalogue but I like to see and feel figures before I buy. I bought the two packs, infantry and an officer. I will order more packs of different figures. The new, 28mm Minifigs of Napoleonic Ottomans I will buy as and when I see them. I tried to purchase some figures from Foundry and Perry but both were out of stock. Also I wanted some flags, found The Flag Dude and bought three flags so that was a success.

I have been thinking that as my Ottoman force grows I should get some buildings so I had a good look around for ideas. Adrian's Walls models are one option. These are really nice.When visiting the Warbases stand I saw that they have a range of flat pack Middle Eastern buildings at very competitive prices. I have not bought any of these IKEA style MDF buildings or vehicles. If anyone has I would be very grateful for any feedback on your experiences.

Ideas for buildings - Adrian's Walls look very good
One surprise for me - I resisted the temptation to buy a book or two.

The journey home was the same except in reverse and everything went well. I met B and we went to Pizza Express for dinner. All round, a very good day.

Sizes - l to r - Warlord, Barber, Minifigs  28mm, Barber, Old Glory, Dixon.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Travels in 2017

Almost as soon as I pushed the "PUBLISH" button on yesterday's note, I realised I had forgotten to include another photo. Here it is:

This is the book I am planning to read on the train to and home from London. Well - the one or two chapters that cover events in 1917. I bought it a few years ago. It is a fascinating book for someone (like me) that is interested in the French Army during the Great War, over 500 pages, written by a retired US Army Brigadier General and West Point lecturer. The reason that I am rereading parts of the book is for my next talk. In mid-June I am addressing the York U3A Military History group on the Spring Offensives of 1917, that is the Battle of Arras and the Nivelle Offensive on the Chemin des Dames.

As well as the trip to London I have arranged a few others.

In May, when B is going to the Royal Windsor Horse Show with her family, I am going to Bristol for three nights. This is a city I really like - not yet decided what to do when I am there except maybe a trip to the Tank Museum at Bovington.

June - I have splashed out on a rather expensive trip with The Cultural Experience called "A Near Run Thing", four days tour based in Brussels, with trips to Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo. From Brussels, instead of returning to London I am planning to visit Lille for three nights to see the museums and the fortifications. The Citadel is one of the finest Vauban works in France. It has been maintained to a very high standard, primarily because it is still a working base for the French Army and so access is very restricted.

The Museum of Fine Arts has a number of the relief maps made around 1700 showing France's fortifications.

Relief map of Lille Citadel
Also there is the Lille's Gunners Museum, this sounds rather intriguing.

Late September - the annual holiday with B - this time to Taormina in Sicily, as the summer heat is waning and after the kids have returned to school.

In addition, I am hoping to do a few day trips to various historic sites in North East England and we have tickets for the Saturday of the second test match of England v South Africa series at Trent Bridge in Nottingham in July.

A good spread of trips across the summer. The planning for 2018 has already started - Royal Opera Company has announced their 2018 programme that includes performances of Lohengrin during June. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Salute 2017

Saturday - I shall be travelling down to Excell London for Salute 2017. I am looking forward to it, very much.

The train journey, York to Kings Cross London, is just under two hours each way so I have chosen a good tome to read - Robert Doughty's "Pyrrhic Victory" - as part of my research for my next talk. With luck I should finish the two chapters on 1917.

Last year I went to Salute without a plan or an idea of which traders to see, so this year I have bought the April issue of Miniature Wargames as this is the "Show Special". I have identified several traders, principally for my ongoing Ottoman Army project. I am particularly interested to see Steve Barber Models and Essex Miniatures.

Recently I ordered a couple of siege pieces and a bag of artillerymen from Old Glory UK. I will visit them so they can tell me just what is this gunner supposed to be doing because I am flummoxed.

To me, he reminds me of someone doing that 1990's dance move that I've seen on television, you know, big box little box, but that cannot be right.