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Saturday, 4 May 2013

New boots - new bins - a cicular walk from Grassington

I bought some new boots. My Karrimor KSBs, that I purchased twenty years ago, have sprung a leak so I thought it was time for a new pair of walking boots. This time I wanted something lighter. I don't do the same long distances and I thought something lighter, easier for exploring Vauban forts. I picked a pair of Merrell Moabs.

My partner and her friend had booked onto a hack (a horsey thing) in Wharfedale, which is about 90 minutes drive from York. Did I went to go? No, but you can drop me at Grassington, I walk, you two ride, pick me up on the way home, please. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to test my new boots before I take them to France on Thursday. I can also take my new binoculars.

I chose a walk of about five miles/eight kilometres.

High Street, Grassington

Top of the village
 I was glad to be out walking. Spring is so late this year. The trees are just about coming into bud, no real leaf cover yet. The wood on the far hill is Grass Wood and my destination. The walk goes through the wood to the far side, then down to the river and back to the village.

Pre-World War 2, the wood was worked, coppiced for charcoal, so the trees are close together, Since the 1950s the wood has fallen into disuse but a few years ago Yorkshire Nature Trust bought it and have been doing repairs, taking out old or inappropriate trees and generally thinning out. This is a long, long process that cannot be rushed. Most of the work is done by unpaid volunteers. The logs can be sold but the remains are left to rot in situ, in small piles.

The view from the top of the wood, up the dale. Marvellous.

Dry stone wall, covered in moss.

The end of the walk. the bridge over the River Wharf leading back into Grassington. A very nice couple of hours. The boots - very comfortable.

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