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Sunday, 7 July 2013

World War Z

Last Thursday we had lunch at the newly opened branch of "Cote" in York, very nice, good menu, good food, good service. After, feeling a little overfull, we went to the cinema to see "World War Z".

This film has received fairly average reviews, I was in two minds whether to go, but I'm really pleased I went. My partner was not keen and it is not a film for great intellectual dissection. However I found it to be a very enjoyable two hours, I am glad we went.

I remember when Brad Pitt first came to the film-going public's attention in "Thelma and Louise", I understand he was considered to be something of a very beautiful man, very striking good looks. Has he lost his shine? He has demonstrated some talent, my favourites being "Se7en" "Twelve Monkeys" and "The Tree of Life". With this film he is reasonably convincing.

One thing I love about big budget, big cast numbered films is to spot known faces in the cameos. So there is David Morse and Peter Capaldi - always pleasant to see them - John Gordon Sinclair as the Navy SEAL commander, something of a surprise. The best spotting - Grégeory Fitoussi as the pilot, he plays one of the avocats in "Engrenages", the French policier known as "Spiral" in the UK.

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