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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Jean Gabin, Mark Wahlberg and a new cap

A few weeks ago, I wrote that the 1939 film "Le Jour Se Leve" (Daybreak) had been rereleased. This is one of my favourite films; it starred one of my film heroes, Jean Gabin. On Sunday afternoon, to my delight and gratitude Cityscreen in York screened the film, bravo. This is one of the posters for the film.

Jean Gabin wearing a very fine cap, with Arletty
 At the start of the film, Jean Gabin's character lives in a room at the top of the tall building. Here he shoots Jules Berry's character, a touring cabaret performer, in an arguement over a young woman (Jaqueline Laurent). The film then tells how all the characters met and are intertwined.

Shortly after the film was completed, WW2 was declared. Jean Gabin joined the French Navy, he escaped to the USA in 1940, from there he joined the Free French Forces of de Gaulle and fought in North Africa and France, winning the Medal Militaire and the Croix de Guerre.

Coincidentally, I have recently purchased a tweed melton cap very similar in style to Gabin's.

 Yesterday I watched a film of a very different calibre, "Lone Survivor", starring Mark Wahlberg. Based on a true story of a US Navy Seals Team that is tasked with eliminating a Taliban leader in the hills of Afghanistan.

They are discovered and hunted by the Taliban with Mark Wahlberg's character being the lone survivor of the title. This is a very good action film, lots of shooting and explosions, lots of blood, lots of swearing, very much young men at war, not a film for the faint-hearted.


  1. My compliments on the cap - that is so good that I am thinking seriously of getting myself one - just the very thing quand on s'promène au bord de l'eau!

    Le Jour se Lève is a cracker - one of my all time favourite films. Must check if it's available on DVD.

    1. Thank you - B says the new cap is very Andy Capp, without the tab in the corner of my mouth of course.

  2. A very fine hat, sir. Un beau chapeau, certainment. I have not had the pleasure of watching this film, I must track it down. I hope I can find one w subtitles. Perhaps Criterion has it.
    Haven't seen the Wahlberg film either, heard it's good.

  3. There are a lot of films of that period that are very good indeed. Pity we don't get more of them on the for the hat, I'll stick to Napoleon's last Fez I got off eBay for £1.99....The guy said it was original.