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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Fortress Visit Report : Fort Obergrunewald, Luxembourg

On my return route from Metz, I stayed overnight in Luxembourg City. I had about four hours to explore, not enough time really. Much of the 17th and 18th century fortifications have been demolished but some very nice examples remain.

This guerrite was outside my hotel, the rest of the wall is demolished.

This 18th century map shows the defences as Vauban left them. The two lines on spurs of higher ground, top centre, are the works I was looking for, in particular the right hand spur, with a line of two bastions. I had to walk across the city, with some great views.

Whilst taking this photo, I thought maybe to return in early spring before the leaves grow on the trees

The two-bastion line, the object of my searches, I approached the work from the entrée on the right

Between the trees, top left, the rear face of the work

At the foot of the hill

This looks promising.

The entrée from the city side.

A lovely explanation board, showing the two bastions, a ravelin and two places d'armes

Right hand bastion

Left hand place d'arme

The ravelin, pointing towards Fort Thungen and modern museum.


On a place d'arme, looking back at the ravelin on the right and the right bastion behind

An interesting work that looks like it has been rescued and revived, ready for a royal visit, almost scrubbed clean, which is good to see.

Next, Fort Thungen, one of the most beautiful forts I have ever seen.


  1. Can you still take a tour of the casemates?

    1. The Bock casemates? Yes, I think they are open during the summer.

    2. To be honest I can't remember if they had a name! It's over 30 years ago since I went.

      Seeing all your photos makes me want to go back there. I only got to see a small part owing to a disinterested travelling companion.

  2. Very interesting, thank you. Some interesting contrasts in the latter shots with the very modern city in the background.

    1. Thanks. When I was there I was not happy with the positioning of the new buildings, now I'm thinking it is vandalism.