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Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I watched "Fury" at the weekend.

The film setting - late April 1945, US Army is fighting deep inside Germany. Staff Sergeant Collier (Brad Pitt) leads a platoon of Sherman tanks through various scenes and scenarios, trying to keep himself and his crew alive to the end of the war. Lots of action, lots of shooting and pyrotechnics, lots of dubious events (the kill or be killed kind of events), lots of blood, wounds and death, lots of bad language. The story is based on actual events and the experiences of tank crews.

I liked this film, I liked it a lot. The individual scenarios  are very well done, very well acted and designed. It was good to see actual, real tanks moving around, the producers borrowed some original tanks and vehicles from the Tank Museum at Bovingdon, including the only running Tiger 1.

Brad Pitt was very good as the tank commander. The driver - Michael Pena - an actor always worth watching. The rest of the crew were all excellent. The ensemble of five strangers thrown together into the tank, five men who could not stand each other, but they understood they had to work together to survive, this came over very well. Good supporting roles played by Jason Isaacs, Brad Henke and Scott Eastwood. Good supporting roles from two German actors, Anamaria Marinca and Alicia von Rittberg.

I did not like the ending but overall, a very good film.


  1. Sorry to disagree but I found this film unpalateable

  2. You review pretty much captures my own thoughts, which were more charitable to the film than my friend Benito. If we needed a film about WW2 tank warfare, this was surely it, the Das Boote of tank warfare.