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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Lorraine Trip, Maginot Line, L'Ouvrage Immerhof

Day Three of our trip and our second day on the Maginot Line. A very interesting day. This morning we visited the Petit Ouvrage Immerhof.

When designing the Line, the Committee (CORF) decided to standardise the design of the works and use factory made parts as possible. The effect of this is to make each ouvrage very much like any other. This conclusion may seem obvious but I did not fully realise the effect until Day Three when driving up to Immerhof. As a consequence, I did not take many photographs.

The ouvrage is the base of the local 1940 re-enactors. They were waiting for us when we arrived and they were a great bunch of guys, very knowledgeable, very committed, they were our guides.

Front cover of the booklet, showing the entrance bloc.

Plan of the ouvrage showing the entrance and 3 fighting blocs, barracks (caserne) and the anti-tank rails (reseau de rails antichars) and barbed wire (reseau de barbeles) (from the booklet)

Entrance bloc

Our guide

Another re-enactor with MAS36

A rack of FM24/29 light machine guns

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  1. Great photos...I'm French but unfortunatly never been ther!