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Monday, 28 May 2018

Visit to Conisbrough Castle

Yesterday we had a day trip to Conisbrough Castle, a small castle in South Yorkshire.

The Normans built a castle here to control the River Don and its crossings

Originally a motte and bailey castle, it was rebuilt in stone during 1180 - 90

The defences included a barbican

It was a poor site choice with a lot of subsidence

A collapsed wall on the outer ring

This shape of donjon is unique in England with six large buttresses. It is 28 metres (92 feet) high, 19metres in diameter.

Curtain wall. Henry VIII's surveyors noted a lot of disrepair in the 1530's.

The location of the Great Hall.

Up the modern steps to the donjon's main entrance.

Restored medieval fireplace.

Steps between floors

Built-in basin

From the top, a view of the inner bailey

Looking west over the town

Looking north

Stone detail in the family's private chapel

A walk around the outside

The castle was in such poor condition, it was not subject to further slighting by Parliamentary forces in the ECW

The renovations of the 1980's and 90's were very well done

The local Medieval Society was holding an event below the castle.

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