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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Oscar Wilde, Barry Lyndon and Nude Cyclists

Of late, the weather in the UK has been very warm and sunny. I have taken to retreating indoors for lunch and early afternoon. I went to the Cityscreen cinema for two consecutive days.


This is very good film about the final years of Oscar Wilde, after he left prison. He was in dire financial circumstances, living in hotels in France. The film was written, directed and starred Rupert Everett, his masterpiece, a real tour de force. I loved the film, great acting, magnificent mise en scene, but very sad.

Oscar Wilde is buried in Pere Lachaise cemetery, we visited the grave in 2014.


Back at the cinema for an afternoon showing of "Barry Lyndon", part of a season of the films of Stanley Kubrick. This was the first time I had seen it on a big screen and it was marvellous.

Nude cyclists.

Those readers of a delicate disposition should stop reading now.

On Saturday evening, when we left the cinema we found there was a demonstration taking place. Around 80 cyclists were on the "Annual Naked Bike Ride", they were protesting to raise awareness of the "Vulnerability of Humans on the Roads". There were bikes and riders of all shapes and sizes.

Best of all, they were met with lots of laughter and giggles and general good humour. Even the police officers thought it was funny.

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