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Monday, 17 June 2013

Fortress Visit Report No.8 Heugh Battery, Hartlepool

A day out with the Military History Group of the University of the Third Age, York Branch.

Heugh Battery was built in 1860 as part of the programme of defensive works along the north-east coast of England and closed in 1956. It saw action in 1914 when the Imperial German Navy bombarded ports along the East coast. The battery exchanged fire with three German cruisers, "Moltke", "Seydlitz" and "Blucher".

The battery is being renovated by volunteers with the Heugh Gun Battery Trust and a very fine job they are doing. Everyone on our trip was very impressed with battery presentation and smartness, the quality of the restoration work and the accessibility to (almost) all areas. Of particular note were the volunteer tour guides who, despite protestation of ignorance, showed great knowledge and understanding of the battery and its personnel.

This is a really good site. If you have a spare morning and in the area, you should visit it.

Main entrance

On the wall just outside the Battery, the CP top left.

The parade ground, from the CP

A souvenir from Crimea, just outside the Battery

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