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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Monument to the Battle of Marston Moor

In this part of Yorkshire, it's hard to avoid history. Yesterday, my partner wanted to spend some time with her newly purchased horse at the stables in Tockwith, about fifteen miles from York. I took my bicycle so I could get some exercise and some sunshine.

Between Tockwith and Long Marston is the English Civil War battlefield of Marston Moor. In the spring of 1644, Parliamentary forces were besieging the City of York. Prince Rupert led a Royalist force into Yorkshire to try to lift the siege. On 2nd July 1644, Parliamentary and Coventanter forces (22,500 men) under Fairfax defeated the Royalist forces (17,000 men) commanded by Prince Rupert. Parliamentary army lost 300 men. The Royalists lost 4,000 men killed, 1,500 prisoners. A bloody day but a great one for the Parliamentary cause. Two weeks later, the Royalist garrison in York surrendered the city and the Royalists effectively gave up the North of England.

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