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Sunday, 4 August 2013

BBC4 "Churchill's First World War"

Taking it easy over breakfast this Sunday morning, I watched a very interesting history programme, a BBC4 programme, "Churchill's First World War".

I was in two minds as to whether to watch this documentary. Too many programmes about Churchill start by putting him on a pedestal and repeat the mantra "Churchill saved Britain in 1940 - he was a great man - bow down and worship him". This programme starts from the premise that he had his faults, one of these being his self-belief and ambition that was seen by some as ego-mania. Churchill really thought he could do no wrong. He pushed the strategy of forcing Turkey out of the war by defeating their army and navy in Gallipoli. He got this wrong, he was the one pushed, out of the Cabinet. ( A great over-simplification by me)

Churchill went away and rebuilt his career and reputation by volunteering for service on the Western Front and biding his time, very much encouraged by his wife Clementine.

So, in summation, I recommend this programme, I learnt something.

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