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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Side Effects, Sightseers, SLP and remembering Elmore Leonard

As there is a gap between the fourth and fifth Ashes matches, I have watched a few films. I would like to recommend the following.

Beautifully done, Jude Law was excellent

Very dark, very funny, I'll never see trams the same way again

Fantastic performances

I enjoyed all three of these. Is "Side Effects" the last film of Stephen Soderbergh? I hope not.

One film I cannot recommend is "Alex Cross" - just no - don't.

Whilst looking for the above posters, I saw on BBC news that Elmore Leonard has died from a stroke. This is very sad news. A great loss to all film fans. Only last week I watched again another Soderbergh film, on a story by Leonard, "Out of Sight".

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