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Monday, 4 November 2013

Thor : The Dark World

We went to the cinema yesterday afternoon to see "Thor : The Dark World". This was my partner's choice; she really likes the Marvel Avengers series of films (as do I, just not as much).

The first 40 minutes were rather dull. Good performances, good CGI, just dull, my partner leaned over and whispered that she was not enjoying this. Into the second half and things improved. We left the cinema saying it was just OK, scored 5 out of 10.

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman took the lead roles, they were adequate.
Christopher Eccleston (my favourite Dr Who) played the principal baddie, I was not impressed but it must have been hard with such poor dialogue, I mean why bother to make up a language.
Tom Hiddleston reprieved the role of Loki to very good effect. It was nice to see Anthony Hopkins and Stellan Skarsgard again and always good to see Idris Elba.

Tom Hiddleston with models

Thor 3 is clearly in the minds of the producers.

A note of explanation. I am sitting here at my keyboard, trying to think of a good occasion when a science fiction or fantasy film used an invented language to good effect. Usually they are delivered with a very flat, monotone speech pattern.  Chewbacca's growls and C3PO's beeps were terrific and fitted well into Star Wars, but they both never spoke more than four words and they had a human interpreter to say the dialogue. I cannot think of another example. Klingon? I'm in two minds, its use is always very wooden and monotone although I think maybe it was meant to be. I am open to comment and ideas.


  1. Invented language: Nasdat (A Clockwork Orange) works for me and was lifted well from the book.



    1. Thanks - next time it's on tv I shall make sure I watch it, thanks for the comment.