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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Oscar Season - "American Hustle"

It's Oscars Season.This film "American Hustle" is a frontrunner, so we thought we would go and see it and I'm jolly glad we did.

Set in 1978 New Jersey, a couple of con artists are blackmailed by the FBI into running a scheme to entrap politicians and mobsters. Apparently, there is a kernel of truth to the storyline. The film runs along at a fair pace, it has its comedy moments and some pathos. The acting is marvellous, the five actors on the poster are marvellous, the clothes and the hair styles...well.... Christian Bale's combover deserves a credit in its own right.

This is the third film we have seen on the Oscars Best Film Nominations list. It is my current favourite. I am planning to see "12 Years a Slave" next week - I have to see this on my own as my partner will not go - and as I am a huge fan of Chewitel Ejiofor that favourite may change.

(I am not talking about the cricket, no, no, no. I am going under the table to cry.)

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