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Wednesday, 19 March 2014


This wonderful image is from a Facebook page, the image is called "Un Recrute Francais Parmi Les Poilus" (A French Recruit Amongst the Poilus) is by J. Simont and was drawn in 1916. A very good representation of a new boy probably being baited by the old hands.

Reenactors, showing a realistic mix of uniforms and equipment

From the blog "Analogue Hobbies" a poilu in the mud

This 28mm figure is from "Forgotten and Glorious"

Unfortunately I don't know the name of the painter but this is very well done.

Verdun, summer 1916, going to the trenches, a fantassin flanked by two artillermen

Verdun, summer 1916, returning from the lines. A very damp looking, tired squad. Note the mix of equipment, the man front line second right has chauchat cartridge magazine packs.

No doubt, they will be anticipating something from one of these, a cuisine roulante. This restored cuisine was on the Facebook page of Fort de Seclin.

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