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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Werneth Low Country Park

Finally, a walk. The ground is drying and recovering from the wettest winter on record. Yesterday, as my partner was competing in a dressage competition in Northallerton, I took the train over the hills to see my parents and to go for a walk.

My parents live in Hyde, about ten miles to the East of Manchester. This was in Cheshire when I was growing up but it is now in Tameside. The town is on the edge of the Pennines and is overlooked by Werneth Low. When I was young I was confused by the name, how can the highest hill around be called a Low; I now know this is a corruption of the Anglo-Saxon word of "lough" meaning hill.

After lunch I left my parents as they have always been big football fans and they wanted to watch the football on tv, Manchester United were playing somebody. I went for a walk up the Low, something I have not done for almost forty years since I left Hyde. The climb is from around 100 to 279 metres. The weather was warmish, sunny but hazy which restricted the views towards Manchester or the Pennines from the top.

Nearing the top

The War Memorial, erected in 1921

War Memorial with the Wireless Transmission Station in the background.

My route was behind the bench then along the ridge to the left

View from the top, not much to see through the haze.

Looking back towards the War Memorial

Down, towards Broadbottom 

Back Wood, still rather muddy
The walk was around five miles, about 2.5 hours. It felt really good. I caught the train from Broadbottom station within ten minutes so I timed that well, back to Manchester then changed to a train back to York.

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