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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Circulaer Walk - Byland Abbey - Mt Snever Observatory - Oldstead - Byland Abbey

Yesterday the sun was shining, I had nothing I had to do, so I thought I would go walking. A few weeks ago I was planning a walk on an Ordnance Survey map, North York Moors Western Area, I noticed a marked structure "Mount Snever Observatory (disused)". The usual question followed, what's that?, so I did a little research and planned to include a look in a walk. Yesterday was the day for that walk.

I caught a bus from York to Byland Abbey, about 50 minutes journey. North Yorkshire has more than its fair share of ruined abbeys from the Dissolution.

An artist's impression of Byland Abbey

Byland Abbey as it is now

Start of the walk
From Byland the route was up, onto the ridge and onto land owned by the Forestry Commission.

Looking back, down to the village of Wass

Much of the forestry was planted between the World Wars and later, but some of it was old. Through an older patch, round a corner to find Mount Snever Observatory.

Situated on the edge of the ridge, built in 1836.

Built for a local landowner, John Wormald

Unfortunately the views are obscured by trees
The route was almost straight down the ridge, into Oldstead, then along the valley, back to Byland.

View of Cocker Dale

The remains of the Abbey's gatehouse

And so back to the bus stop
A very pleasant walk, with good views. Around 5 miles, or 2 hours 20mins. I met nobody, I had it all to myself.

Arial photo, pinched from the web.

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