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Monday, 28 April 2014

Under Milk Wood & Generation War

An interesting weekend just gone, from a culture aspect.

First - on Saturday we went to York's Theatre Royal to see "Under Milk Wood", Dylan Thomas' work of genius. This was a Clwyd Theatr Cymru production and really well done, very enjoyable. 

We read this play in class at Grammar School - you know the thing - boys reading parts - I didn't understand it. I went to Aberystwyth University and then came across the Richard Burton recording, so I  had a completely different understanding of the play, when the names really meant something, Dai Bread, Evans the Death, Organ Morgan, Nogood Boyo. Saturday was the first time I'd seen the play on stage. I believe this production is touring the UK, if you can I recommend you go to watch it.

BBC Television has shown Part One of a German production "Generation War : Our Mothers, Our Fathers". Three parts in total. This was good to see, a German production addressing the actions of some parts of the Wehrmacht in Russia. I shall watch parts two and three before I make up my mind on the production.

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