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Friday, 25 July 2014


Over our street here in York, first the Red Arrows at around five o'clock, then the Battle of Britain Flight (the Avro Lancaster, a Spitfire and a Hurricane) about six-thirty, I think on their way to the Sunderland air-show.


  1. I don't know how these things work, but it's also the Air Show at East Fortune (East Lothian, near here) tomorrow - I believe some of the displays are shared with Sunderland - i.e. they fly over EF x minutes after they have flown over S - it takes about 2.25 hours to drive it, so place your bets for x. The EF Air Show is heavy going - approach roads are (shall we say) rural, car parking is a joke, and all visitors get eaten alive by harvest mites. Better for us to stay at home, crack open a bottle of something appropriate, and watch it from our garden (8 miles away). Cheaper too.

    We are trying to avoid coming to terms with the alternative big Scottish event at the moment, which is the Commonwealth Games. OMG. Much collective embarrassment about opening ceremony and general presentation, which has been described as like a Christmas Party in an old people's home. Honestly, folks - Scotland really isn't like that. London Olympics ceremony was masterminded by Danny Boyle - I suspect we got Glasgow Council and their pal, Wee Eck.

    Sorry this seems like a digression, but you started it with mention of Sunderland Air Show...

  2. Busy weekend for those boys then. They were at the Cleethorpes Airshow too on Sat and Sun.