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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fortress Visit Report : Eben Emael : Outside

Not so much a report, more of a listing of some photos. These are of the outside and the top of the fort.

This fort is massive, huge, something like 900metres X 700metres.

Bloc 1, entrance.

Casemates firing towards Bloc 2

Around the back of Bloc 1 to get to the top

Just before the brow, gun emplacement Visé 2, 3 X 75mm cannons

Difficult to photograph because of undergrowth and slope

Air intake

The vast expanse on the top of the fort

Coupole 120 in the distance

Emplacement Maastricht 1, 3 X 75mm cannons

Coupole 120

Hollow charge damage

2 x 120mm cannon embrasures, now capped

Looking towards Coupole Nord

Back to Bloc 1, looking towards Bloc 6, with donkey

Outside Bloc 1

and so to the inside

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