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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fort Eben Emael - inside 3

This is my final set of photos from inside the fort. They show the damage as a result of the fighting within the fort. On entering the fort, the Germans exploded a number of charges, more to demoralise the garrison than do any damage but some deaths did occur.

These photos are of the lower level of artillery block Maastricht 1. The Germans had entered the block at ground floor level, then gone down the stairs and placed a 50kg charge against the armoured doors.

An intact corridor armoured door, sandbags, steel struts. the inner armoured door is behind the struts. 

After the explosion, damage to the door frame

The door has been blown off

The door hinge has been bent through 75 degrees

The blast has collapsed the hoist

In the corridor, the blast and flying debris killed six Belgian troops, shrapnel marks on the wall.

Undamaged hoist from Visé 2

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