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Monday, 15 September 2014

No plans - so "The Wolf of Wall Street"

Yesterday morning. B was going through her plans of horsey activity for the coming week when I suddenly realised; next Saturday, the York branch of Western Front Association have a talk on Third Ypres; until then I have no plans whatsoever - nothing. Moving to the new house has gone smoothly with everything unpacked and the boxes returned to Pickfords, my summer travels and hols are finished, the new course at Lifelong Learning does not start until early October; my talk on the Franco-Prussian War to U3A is November; no cricket at the moment; so I have nothing to do.

This week - I think as the weather looks good a hillwalk or two, some films, a bit of reading (primarliy FPW research), maybe a bit of painting to finish the Mameluk unit I started before the house move.

This is the first film I have watched.

Magnificent. Martin Scorsese at his best. It is very long at 3 hours but I was hooked throughout.

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