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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Displacement activity - "Pompei" and "Two Days, One Night"

I watched this film yesterday. I loved it - total tosh and full of clichés - Romans slaughter child's tribe, child grows up to be famous gladiator, new master's daughter falls for gladiator - but it was great. Never once thought of Lurcio - titter ye not.

On Thursday I watched this Belgian film, a family/work based drama, I thoroughly enjoyed this film as well.

This film-watching leads me to an interesting question - is this displacement activity? By which I mean, I know I have to sit down and write my presentation for U3A, am I avoiding it by finding other things to do? Of course not I reassure myself, but still there is a little nagging doubt. I'll start writing tomorrow, but wait, tomorrow is the Fiasco fair in Leeds, so I'll start on Monday.

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