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Sunday, 5 October 2014

Gone Girl

For those of you that like Hitchcock style thrillers and who-done-its, I really recommend this film.

Following a very good lunch at Mannions in York, we went to Cityscreen Cinema in the city centre to see this film and both of us enjoyed the film very much. Film director David Fincher and the book author and screenwriter Gillian Flynn have crafted a good film. I think it is Hitchcockian as you know the basic plot, you know who the baddies are, you know the central character is going to get into trouble with local law enforcement, the thrill is seeing the central character get himself further and further into trouble and then seeing the breaks and how he gets out of trouble. "Gone Girl" follows that format, but it does it extremely well.

Among the actors, all of whom put in great performances, Rosamund Pike is outstanding and scary, I was always thinking "what is she going to do now?".  Brilliant.

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  1. Have not seen it yet, but it looks great...and I love Hitchkock!