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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

French Tanks of World War 1

Recently I found this photo on the internet. No explanation or dates given. The stamp in the bottom right corner says "Signal Corps U S Army" Of interest to me is the FT17 turret that has been set/built into the dock wall, suggesting this is a harbour somewhere on the Atlantic Wall. This got me thinking, As a chap with an interest in artillery fortifications, I would like to know more about the Atlantic Wall and as a chap with an interest in French history, I would like to know more about French tanks of WW1.

This morning, I got my stuff together, ate, dressed and walked into town (about three miles) to do some shopping. I went into York's largest bookshop, for no particular reason, just to see what was there. I found this, Osprey Publishing's book "French Tanks of World War 1" by Stephen Zaloga.

The book seems to be to the usual Osprey high standards, lots of photos and some line drawings. It concentrates on the three main tanks built, the Schneider, the St-Chamond the the Renault FT17 and on the development of battlefield tactics.

I thought this was a serendipitous find so I bought the book in the shop. I caught the bus back to the village, one walk per day is enough. Whilst sat on the bus, I realised I could have bought the book cheaper on-line but there is something more satisfying about a spur-of-the-moment purchase.

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