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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Last Meeting - here comes the summer

University of the Third Age, York Branch, Europe - In or Out?

Yesterday was our last meeting of this U3A course. It was sad in a way as this has been a very good group, six meetings since October, usually eight or nine people. All of us were undecided and in want of knowledge. We've all done pieces of research, we've all had our say, no one person has dominated or shouted down the others, we've had a lot of laughs.

At the end of this last meeting, we had a poll. The results:-

1. Should the UK be in or out of the EU? Seven for in, one for out.

2. Should the UK hold a referendum on the in or out question? One for yes (me), seven for no.

One thing we all found very interesting, we could not get someone from UKIP to come and talk to us, to explain why we should leave the EU and talk through their alternatives. No reasons given.

On a different subject, this week my Ashes match tickets have arrived for the Saturday of the Trent Bridge Test. (For those non-cricket readers, on Saturday, 8th August, we will drive to Nottingham for Day 3 of the England v Australia Test Match, the third of a five match series). I'm really excited already - i can't wait - roll on the summer.

The last photo is what it is all about. The player in the centre (Matt Prior) with the England flag on his shoulder, he holds a small urn which contains the Ashes. That is the winners' trophy, the object of our desire.

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  1. That last one reminds me of what we could say to Australians a decade ago (cripes! That long).

    "The Ashes urn looks really tiny. ...........Next to the William Webb Ellis Trophy."