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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention still enjoying their music

August 2014. We moved home from the City of York to one of the surrounding villages, Nether Poppleton. The village together with its neighbour of Upper Poppleton, has an annual Poppleton Music Festival.

Last night, after dinner with some friends, we all trudged through the rain to the packed Village Community Centre to see Fairport Convention, around 250 tickets had been sold. The band has a new album out and is doing a nationwide tour.

I remember them from my mid-teens in the early 70's when there was something of a folk revival in England. I was a fan until I became an acolyte of Eric Clapton - (incidentally much more acceptable in my Northern working class upbringing). Whilst I write this I have one of their albums ("Leige and Leif") playing on Youtube.

The band was very good, very polished a lot of jokes and laughs, a really good concert and all round a very good night. Then to cap it off when the lights went up, a Rock Deity was spotted in the crowd - Robert Plant. I kid you not.

Robert Plant - we're not worthy

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