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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Napoleon Solo

I was reading The Miniatures Page and saw as a topic "Morale Napoleon Solo AAR". This is what sprang to my mind

It took me a few seconds to realise the topic was on a Napoleonic solo wargame, not Robert Vaughan. (Nice suit, nice Luger)


  1. UNCLE! Forgotten about that show - good fun, impaired slightly by the wooden acting. Thoughts of Robert Vaughan remind me that he starred in The Bridge at Remagen, a film which I first saw on TV under rather stressful circumstances - we had a German student staying with us (circa 1978) and he said he would really like to watch it; I was very apprehensive - I had visions of another Dirty Dozen, with blockheaded Nazis being slaughtered wholesale, but it turned out to be the first fairly sensitive WW2 film I'd seen, with Vaughan cast as the Major in charge of a hopeless Volksturm unit consisting of teenagers and old man. I don't think it was a great film, but I was very relieved that it was more tasteful than it might have been, and our young guest thought it was well done and historically accurate. As it happened, he lived just a few miles from Remagen...

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  3. So Napoleon Solo is Han Solo's 'Uncle' ;) right? Ah, wrong decade.

    Wait...actually that might work. JJ Abrams is on the phone to Robert Vaughn right now...I'm sure.

    Well, it's a better role for him than Milton Fanshaw in Coronation Street?