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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds, exhibits.

We have been to the museum on a number of occassions to attend events such as Art Deco fairs, but I had not been around the displays. The museum's exhibits are on five floors and there is a lot to see so I want to show some photos of my favourite items. There is a no-flash rule so some of the pictures are a bit dark.

The mueum has a large collection of artifacts from the Indean subcontinent. For me, this was really interesting stuff.

A magnificent exhibit of an armoured Indian elephant.

I don't know whether this was a model or a real, stuffed, elephant.

The case behind the elephant, Indian bladed wapons

and armour.

The oriental room.

A Turkish helmet.

An Ottoman musket

Ottoman firearms

An Ottoman Sipahi from the front

and from the rear.

The elephant again, from the balcony.

English Civil War room

ECW from another angle.

The Battle of Pavia, 1525, an exhibit of full sized manekins.

A case on the Battle of Blenheim.

A small display on the Great Man himself.

A display of Gatling guns.

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