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Friday, 25 March 2016

A Funeral and a trip to Bristol

Monday started in a sombre mood with the funeral of my uncle Alan, my mother's brother-in-law and a widower since aunt Beth died a couple of years ago. Alan liked to joke and kid around, so as children we all found him to be very funny but I had not seen much of him since I moved away from Manchester in 1981. He was 92 when he died. He was called up into the army in 1942 or 43, not sure which. He was something at the D-Day landings but he never talked about it. A sad occasion, but it was good to see the extended family.

From Manchester we had to go to Bristol (with an overnight stay in Walsall just off the M6 motorway). B had to attend her employer's Bristol office for Tuesday and Wednesday so I went as well, a good chance at a free trip, too good to miss.

I like Bristol very much, it is very similar to York but bigger.

Bristol has more water than York

and some interesting bridges

and a lot more seagulls than York
In particular I like St Nicholas' Market which has some great lunch stalls.

An overnight stay at the very comfortable Mercure Holland House Hotel then, while B went to her office, I went on a train trip to Bradford on Avon. This is a small town at the Southern end of the Cotswold, so nice old houses and narrow streets in Cotswold stone. Very nice.

Very narrow streets, this photo was taken outside the hardware shop

A reused mill

The Saxon / Norman church

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