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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Sheffield Triples

Yesterday I made my first trip to Sheffield Triples (I meant to ask why is the event called Triples - but I forgot).

It is an easy journey by public transport. Bus from Easingwold to York. Train from York to Sheffield. Tram from Sheffield rail station to the venue, almost to the door.

This event is somewhat different to others I have attended in that there was room to swing several cats. No standing around waiting for gaps to open in the sea of people or waiting to get close to a stand. This made for a much calmer atmosphere and seemed to generate more time to look at figures and books.

I made a few purchases. Some artillery and a few infantry for my burgeoning Ottoman force (which is progressing very slowly).

Plus this biography of Sir John Moore. When I was researching my talk on Wellington invading France, I came across the 1808/09 campaign in North-West Spain where Moore died and I thought the campaign would be a good subject for a talk.

Also, as I was leaving I stopped at the stand of a Napoleonic re-enactment group "21e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne-Recréé" and had a long chat with him about his Charleville pattern musket and headwear. His kit and clothing are modern recreations. His musket was made about 15 years ago on the North-West Frontier where there are still a lot of gunsmiths who make old firearms to order. All very interesting.

A very good day out.

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