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Thursday, 18 August 2016

"The Wave" at Lincoln Castle

Taking advantage of the sunshine, B and I went to Lincoln for the day to see "The Wave".

"The Wave" is a work of  art to commemorate the Great War. A ceramic poppy was made for each death in the British Armed Forces during the Great War and it was installed at the Tower of London.. When the work was dismantled, parts of the work were installed at various locations, including Lincoln Castle.

Lincoln Castle was a Norman motte & bailey castle. I think it was built on the site of the Roman fort. It's grounds also contain the County Court, still in use, and the prison, now used for admin offices, a cafe, the shop and a public display of one of four original copies of the Magna Carta still in existence.

County Court building

Victorian prison

A new lift to enable greater access to a section of the walls.

Lincoln Cathedral from the castle walls.

We also visited the Cathedral, credited as being one of Europe's best. As  well as admiring the internals, the stained glass, the medieval burials, the vaulted ceilings, the stone carvings and so on, we were in search of the Lincoln Imp. Here he is, although this is not my photograph but one I pinched from Google Images. Why an imp? I don't know but I think most medieval cathedrals have such carvings.

Most cathedrals are undergoing restoration work. Modern stone masons have continued this art.

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