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Monday, 15 August 2016


 We loved this series, recently shown on BBC television. It is a French/Canadian/British production and, I suspect, it is aimed at the international market as most of the actors are British. The external locations were filmed at various chateaux in France. The background plot is the decision by Louis XIV to build the palace at Versailles and to relocate his Court from Paris to the new palace as a means to exercise some control over the French noble families and to organise and centralise the state control and operations.

The series is very sumptuous in the production company's choice of locations and costumes. The drama is part historical truth, part fiction. The same goes for the characters, some are historical, such as the king, his wife, his mistresses and his brother but some characters are fictional and are included for dramatic purposes.

Louis XIV, Le Roi Soleil, played by George Blagden

His brother Philippe, played by Alex Vlahos

(l to r) The Queen Marie-Therese(Elisa Lasowski), the King and the two principle mistresses Mme Montespan (Anna Brewster) and Henriette (played by Noémie Schmidt)

The baddies, both fictional, played by Pip Torrens and Anatole Taubman

Alex Vlahos and George Blagden in mufti

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