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Monday, 21 November 2016


We had lunch and cinema trip on Saturday.

Lunch was very nice at Carluccio's in York. On our way out of the restaurant we decided to buy a christmas pannetone and two slices of chocolate cake (dessert for dinner) Later that evening, we have dinner, go to the bag chocolate cake....such disappointment.

The film we saw, "Arrival", is very good. The Guardian critic describes this first contact movie as "dreamy, freaky, audacious". If you like sci-fi, you will like this (probably).

Follow up to the absent chocolate cake - I phoned the restaurant this morning - lots of apologies - we can have our money back


  1. Sorry for the chocolate, I know the feeling (my wife and I are adicts, specially the dark with high cocoa content)
    Thanks for the tip on the film; my only plan up to now has been Rogue One but will check whether Arrival is schedued to be shown any time soon in Madris

  2. I sincerely hope you weren't forced to demolish the pannetone to comfort yourselves over the loss. I think I might have done this.