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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Boroughbridge's Devil's Arrows.

Here in North Yorkshire there are numerous medieval sights, castles, houses, ruined abbeys. Less obvious is the number of prehistoric sights and sites.

Recently we drove over to Boroughbridge, a small market town about ten miles away. We found the town plan and saw "The Devil's Arrows", a series of three prehistoric megaliths in a field just outside the town.

Looking from the smallest to the largest of the megaliths in the trees (photo from Google Images)

We could not get very close as the farmer has planted a crop in the field and we did not want to walk over it, so this photo below is taken on the I-Phone at a distance of 200 metres.

This megalith is surrounded by trees that have greatly reduced the available light.

The tallest of the blocks is just under seven metres in height, around 21 feet. They are millstone grit and were dragged from a quarry about seven miles away around the year 3000 BC. Why they were put there, for what purpose, is unknown. They are not in a straight line.

We were awed by these and also bewildered. We don't know why they are there but I think we are very lucky to have such monumernts.

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