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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

"T2:Trainspotting" and "Denial"

Two trips to Cityscreen in York with B.



The best of British  cinema at the moment. Both really good films, full of excellent acting, good story telling.

The language in T2 was very ripe but I think the film captured the inner-city juxtapositions of decay and hopelessness against development and gentrification. I know it is fiction but it felt very real - where do individuals go when they cannot keep up. Good throwbacks to the original film without being sentimental.

"Denial" - totally different. A courtroom drama, so much of it was claustrophobic and contained but it had a really steady, but quickening dramatic pace that pushed me to the edge of my seat. Brilliant acting, particularly Tim Spall.

Two very different films but I recommend both.

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