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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Vapnartak 2017

No cinema trips this weekend as B was competing (dressage) plus Sunday was Vapnartak  at York Racecourse. Vapnartak is a viking word which, some say, means a gathering of the swords. It is the largest wargaming fair in Northern England.

I spent a very good three hours there, did some buying and some chatting and some checking out of different products.

My purchases. I am continuing with assembling an Ottoman force, a slowly but definitely growing collection.

From Dixon Miniatures.

Some janissaries and some infantry

A few sipahis

From Irregular Miniatures

Last year I bought some Old Glory artillery and crews, these are the limbers for them plus a camel waggon

A unit of Wallachian irregulars, eight figures for twelve pounds.

Also, I thought I should have a commander for my force.

From Warlord, Suleyman the Magnificent, the Lawgiver

During the last eighteen months I have been reducing my metal mountain, so I restrict my spending at shows. This time I took 100 pounds as my budget and I spent 84 pounds. Success, plus the infantry and the limbers will help me to finish some units I have started.

So I had a good day at Vapnartak. I bought some good figures, stayed within budget, had some nice chats and, being over 60, I got free admission. What more could a man want?

The tughra or seal of Suleyman the Maginificent purchased on one of our holidays in Turkey

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