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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

"Hidden Figures" and "Hell or High Water"

Its Oscars time again. Last week I saw these two films, both of which are in the Best Film category.

We went to Cityscreen in York yesterday (Sunday) to see "Hidden Figures". It is based on a true story of three African American women who challenged the racial segregation that was rampant in the USA during the fifties and sixties. All three women worked for NASA and participated in the design work for the sixtes' space programme. A good story with great performances.

On Blu-ray I watched "Hell or High Water". I loved this film. I have been a fan of Jeff Bridges since the early seventies; he continues to provide performances that are awesome (in the sense that I am awestruck). A great story, really well directed, such an atmospheric feel with stunning photography and locations. Marvellous.

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