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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Spring Trip 2017 - the Field of Waterloo

or rather Mont St Jean, as Waterloo is a few miles away.

I did not know this but apparently, the British name battles after the location of their commander's HQ, as the Swedes do as well. (This is the only time I will make a Eurovision Song Contest quip....I promise.)

18th June, the anniversary of the battle and the re-enactors are having a fine time in the fields around Hougoumont.

This first set of photos are from the French position near La Belle Alliance (which is now a night club), along the line and then towards the British and their allies, you can see the Lion Mound in the distance.

Then we marched round to Hougoumont - well, we got on the coach  and were driven round.

Large barn

Gardener's cottage with South gate

Guards Memorial Plaque

Inside the chapel

A few years ago, this crucifix inside the chapel was stolen but returned after an Internet plea. Hence the need for an alarm wire.

Towards the North gate.

Gardener's cottage from inside the courtyard.

The large barn now used to show a very good short film.
I omitted to photograph the North gate, so here are some postcards I bought.

The new gate and (much lower) wall.

The end of the barn and the Monument

External of the Gardener's cottage.

Copied from the Hougoumont Guide booklet

Next stop was La Haye Sainte farm

This is still a working farm so no admittance.

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