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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Favourite WWII Soft Skin Vehicle - Laffly V15

Recently I saw a thread on TMP asking for favourite soft skin vehicle from WWII. There were lots of Jeeps and Kubelwagens, M3 and 251 halftracks, DUKWs......

This is my favourite, the French Army Laffly V15.

A 4/5 seater, 4 X 4 wheel drive, to carry 250 kg, top speed 80kph. 5000 were ordered form Laffly and from Licorne, but only around 250 were made before the Armistice.

Two variants were made. V15R for the infantry a general purpose all terrain vehicle, and V15T, a light tractor for the cavalry's anti-tank guns.

This picture is of two V15Ts of the Vichy cavalry, being used by mortar units.

All captured examples were pressed into Wehrmacht service. This V15T was captured and used by the Germans and has been liberated and pressed into Allied service by US troops.

From what I can read, the V15 was a very good GP vehicle, in technical terms ahead of anything the UK or USA armies had. There are a few examples around, I must find one to look at.

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