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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Siege of Besancon, April 1814

 I found this painting on the internet. I regret I cannot identify the artist.

The painting shows the end of the siege of Besancon in 1814. French Army General Jacob Francois Marulaz is surrendering control of the fortress to Austrian General Prince Aloys Lichtenstein following the abdication of Napoleon on 11th April 1814. The date of the surrender is difficult to find, with different sources putting forward either 16th or 20th April.
Portrait of General Marulaz

Marulaz was given command of 6th Military Division in December 1813. The siege began on 8th January. He commended a very mixed bag of infantry, cavalry and other troops.

A very good IT image of Besancon citadel. The glacis now has much tree cover.

My photo of the same spot as shown in the painting.

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