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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Marechal Ferdinand Foch

Ninety five years ago, during the period of late March and early May 1918, General Foch was made Supreme Allied Commander, to coordinate the different national armies on the Western Front and to present an all-encompassing strategy for victory. He was made Marechal de France in August 1918.

Next month, at the York Branch of The Western Front Association, Professor John Derry is to present a talk entitled "Foch : architect of Victory?". As a student of French military history, I am quite excited about this. This is the first talk on the French army that I have attended at WFA. In preparation I have read this rather slender but very informative book.

I have also tried Liddell Hart's biography "Foch the Man of Orleans". I read the first fifty pages but I find the style difficult. I know it is a biography that is held in some esteem, so I will try it again.

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