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Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013/14 Ashes Series Australia 4 England 0

I am at the acceptance step - England have lost the fourth test. I've been through anger and denial, now I know - Australia have not won the fourth test, England lost it.....

I think I'm going back to anger......CATCHES WIN MATCHES YOU .!!!+**!!!


  1. I used to have a football coach who reckoned that you had lost a game, rather than being beaten, if you would have done no better if the opposition hadn't shown up. There was a story, for example that a training technique adopted at Heart of Midlothian FC - dribbling around lines of plastic dustbins - was abandoned because the dustbins were too good at tackling. That sort of thing.

    I'm a bit down this morning, keeping an eye on the news of Schumacher - I was a big fan - I hope he recovers OK. Terrible irony if he killed himself skiing with his kids...

  2. Yes, I agree, our thoughts and hopes go out to Schumacher and his family.