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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Channel 4 - "1066: the Lost Battlefield - a Time Team Special"

Another good history programme on the television, UK Channel 4's "1066: the Lost Battlefield - a Time Team Special"

I'm not a fan of the Time Team format, although I will watch any military history edition. This programme was really good, really interesting. The Radio Times description was:-

"The Battle of Hastings is arguably the most famous in English history, but due to a lack of archaeological evidence, have historians put the battlefield in the wrong place?"

"Digging alone is inconclusive but cutting-edge aerial technology offers some surprising new evidence about the traditional battlefield site."

I wont give too much away, just in case someone wants to see the programme. I will say Sir Tony and his crew put forward a good arguement for relocating the battle away from the slopes and field of Battle Abbey. We enjoyed it (it's not often I can say my partner enjoys one of my military history programmes).

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